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From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Stupa?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Stupa

Loving Light and the Stupa

The most fundamental structures are those of separating boundaries and self-identity, and their underlying ego activity. The loving light of the divine dimension appears when these structures are released. It appears with the integration of the diamond dome, which brings understanding of inner seeking and its ego activity, as well as cessation of this activity at the center of the ego. It arises again with the integration of the stupa, for this is the stage of understanding and transcending ego boundaries and their sense of separateness. The loving light appears as well at the dimension of the diamond will, at which stage the dissociating representations of the ego-self and its identity are transcended.

The Stupa

This possessive tendency turns out to be a distorted expression of the need to have personal uniqueness and autonomy. This reflects a lack of objective understanding of the personal essence, the true individuation of the soul. This understanding is provided by the stupa diamond vehicle, which challenges the soul's deep belief that in order for her to feel her personal autonomy and uniqueness she needs the separating boundaries of ego. Furthermore, the stupa unveils the timeless wisdom that personal autonomy and uniqueness are characteristics of the personal essence, which does not require boundaries or in fact any ego structure. The soul can be personal, unique, and individuated when necessary, as one of the possibilities of true nature. In other words, because the boundless love is a dimension of her true nature, it is not antithetical to her personal attributes; in fact such attributes are part of its potential.

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