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From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Stupa Diamond?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Stupa Diamond

Personal Autonomy and Uniqueness are Characteristics of the Personal Essence

Exploration reveals that the concept of experience has been unconsciously fused with that of being an individual entity, that the soul believes she has to be an individual self for her to have experience at all. The realization of boundlessness reveals the delusional character of this conviction, as it sweetly melts away the ego boundaries that give her the sense of entitiness. A subset of this is the concern about not having her own experience, because she believes experience can only be her own. This fear is not exactly the loss of “I,” but of “my.” This possessive tendency turns out to be a distorted expression of the need to have personal uniqueness and autonomy. This reflects a lack of objective understanding of the personal essence, the true individuation of the soul. This understanding is provided by the stupa diamond vehicle, which challenges the soul’s deep belief that in order for her to feel her personal autonomy and uniqueness she needs the separating boundaries of ego. Furthermore, the stupa unveils the timeless wisdom that personal autonomy and uniqueness are characteristics of the personal essence, which does not require boundaries or in fact any ego structure. The soul can be personal, unique, and individuated when necessary, as one of the possibilities of true nature. In other words, because the boundless love is a dimension of her true nature, it is not antithetical to her personal attributes; in fact such attributes are part of its potential.

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