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True Discipline

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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is True Discipline?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: True Discipline

Using the Will of Essence in the Service of the Truth of Essence

So how do you find the true discipline? How do you find your citadel? Essentially, true discipline means using will in the service of truth. It is the merging of will and truth. It means that the will of Essence is in the service of the truth of Essence. It means you don’t use your will in the service of personality. This may vary from one person to another. It’s an individual theme. No one can tell you… You will find out by yourself what to do. I don’t say what the discipline is for everybody. You find your truth, and you use whatever will you’ve got to live according to that. It’s not just going to happen. You have to see it and take the responsibility to actualize it. You need to use your truth, and you need to use your will in harmony with the truth for that to happen, the will needs to be objective, and the truth needs to be objective truth.

When You Experience Essence It Needs to Be Protected

So to recapitulate, we need objective perception to understand that Essence is the answer, Essence is the fulfillment, Essence is the Ridhwan. And from that will result the true value of Essence in yourself, in others, everywhere. Then, with that understanding and valuing, there will arise the true discipline, the true protection for Essence and for the essential life. The world we live in does not support this. People around us do not support this. There are pressures everywhere against this orientation. When you experience Essence, it needs to be protected. You have to find your own citadel, your own fortress. Your citadel has to do with the true discipline; it is the true discipline. There is an actual aspect of Essence that we call the citadel, which is the protection for your essence so that it will be preserved and develop and can be used for others. This is the right way of living. It has to be there. It’s not that you’ll experience your essence and automatically get out of the swamps. You have to take action, to live your life in accordance with the truth, the truth of your essence, the truth of who you are, your situation, what your limitations are. These need to be taken into consideration in the way you live your life. It’s not going to just happen—there are too many external forces against it. It is your responsibility to protect and guard and preserve your essence, your true nature. You couldn’t do that as a child because you were totally dependent, but now you have the chance to preserve and protect your essence as you experience it.

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