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Unity of Being

Diamond Approach

Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Unity of Being?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Unity of Being

All Manifestations are Displays of Being

Space is the inherent natural openness of experience, which has no bounds, no limitations. It is open through and through, in infinite ways and all dimensions. Being is not only open in three dimensions, it is open in all possible dimensions, to all possible experiences, which include the usual time and space. What we see as physical space is only the most obvious manifestation of this openness. This is the dimension of space which is the openness that allows physical objects to be. This understanding leads us to the unity of Being, in which all manifestations are displays of Being, expressing and manifesting the same indivisible reality. Space is the openness of this nondual reality, acting to expose and dissolve the representations that usually occlude our awareness and prevent us from objectively perceiving it.

The Void, pg. 157

Discovery’s Job

As the subtle process continues, each day brings new feelings, new realizations, new understanding. The longing reveals itself as a herald of an upcoming development. I find myself, at some point, in a period of feeling settled and contented. I live for weeks with a kind of quiet certainty that I have arrived. There is no more need for effort, no sense in continuing the search. This is not a conclusion, but a realization arising spontaneously from the depths, unbidden and free. The sense is that the progress of my unfoldment from the nonconceptual consciousness, with its unity of Being, to the absence of the absolute, and the ability to move back and forth between being the absolute to being the person who is its embodied extension, has affected me in such a way that I feel no drive to go anywhere. I am home, in a way that only the heart knows. It is clear that what is left of the process of realization is a matter of refinement, stabilization and actualization in life, which is a continuing process. Discovery has done its job; it has led my consciousness to its final abode, to its source. Now it is only a matter of integration, of learning to live from home. There arises now a sense of wonder and mystery regarding life and death. Living at home, mystery reveals itself as the overwhelming truth that penetrates and underlies all experience. Life is rich and colorful, but it is only the miraculous unfolding of mysterious Being. Regardless of how much I understand it, I still do not truly comprehend it.

Divine Being

By divine being I refer to the unity of being, when the experience is of everything, the whole universe in all of its content and dimensions, as pure consciousness, pure presence or pure love. This is a state of oneness and harmony, the state of the real world, but I differentiate it from the experience of the absolute, which is transcendent to presence and consciousness, and turns out to be the inner essence of the state of oneness.

Realizing that the Universe Does Not Exist in Time

Holy Law is more difficult to perceive than unity. To perceive it, you have to experience the continuity and the unity of Being for some time, and then you might begin recognizing Holy Law. From this perspective, we realize that the universe does not exist in time. It is continuously and instantaneously being created second by second. This is not the same thing as saying that God creates or moves everything, which is the traditional religious point of view that sets God apart from the rest of the universe, an indication that one is not seeing or understanding the unity of existence. Understanding Holy Law renders meaningless the religious belief that the universe was created by God at some moment in the distant past. The entire universe is being created anew in every instant, so it is not true that a creator created the universe at some point and then things began happening within it. The latter is an idea that falls within the view of ego. From the perspective of Holy Law, there is no such thing as time in the way we usually think of it; there isn’t a universe made up of discrete objects, nor is there such a thing as a God separate from it. The perspective of Holy Law, then, illuminates the fact that the unity of Being is not a static existence, but rather, a dynamic presence that is continuously changing and transforming as a unified field. Here, we see the aliveness of Being and the universe, its energy and flow and vigorous transformation. This Holy Idea confronts some of our very basic convictions about reality, but if we don’t understand it, we cannot really understand what unfoldment means. This is because the unfoldment of the soul is Holy Law operating in one location, so when we perceive it, we are seeing in microcosm what is happening everywhere all the time. Holy Law is not an easy thing to swallow, since in the process of perceiving it, you—as you have known yourself—get swallowed up.

Facets of Unity, pg. 259

Seeing that the So-Called Law of Cause and Effect Does Not Exist

Clearly, this view is a radical departure from our usual way of perceiving things. It challenges all kinds of assumptions. For example, we see that the so-called law of cause and effect does not exist, since causality means that one thing causes something else to happen. According to Holy Law, there are no isolated objects or events, so to experience one thing as causing another is not accurate. From this perspective, for instance, the experience that you are turning the pages of this book is not what is really happening—there is no separate book with a separate you turning the pages. There is actually a wholeness, a whole movement of reality in which the pages turn. You cannot walk from one place to another, since there is no separate you and there are really no distances to be traversed. The whole picture changes from one instant to the next. What we think of as walking from here to there is more like the changing arrangements of dots on a television screen; at one moment, they’re arranged so that you are here, the next, you are there, and so on. So there are no actual distances crossed. If you really understand the unity of Being, how else could it be? The moment there is separate functioning in any part of the whole, the unity is broken.

Facets of Unity, pg. 259

The Boundless Dimensions are Coemergent and Inseparable, Structuring the Unity of Being

Living Daylight is the most accessible of what we call the boundless cosmic dimensions. We call them dimensions in that although they are each experienced as one medium, each contains within it all the qualities of our True Nature, the essential aspects. Living Daylight is the first of these boundless or universal dimensions, meaning that it is the beginning of seeing that the whole universe is animate and conscious—pervaded by an intelligent consciousness. It is sometimes experienced as a sense of blessing, which in Sufism is called baraka. Because Living Daylight is a boundless dimension and at the same time the source of basic trust, it functions as the appropriate holding for the soul in the transition from individual experience to the boundless unity of Being. The dimensions are boundless and universal in the sense that the experience of the associated consciousness is not limited to one’s individual experience but, rather, is seen as true about everything, pervading the whole of the universe. The other boundless dimensions are each progressively a step closer to, or a subtler differentiation out of, what we call the Absolute, the ultimate reality, which is the farthest dimension from ordinary human consciousness. Because of their increasing closeness to the Absolute, the other boundless dimensions become more difficult to discuss and to relate to, while Living Daylight is the boundless dimension most available to human consciousness and most easily understood. The boundless dimensions are coemergent and inseparable, structuring the unity of Being. The Living Daylight dimension expresses Being’s goodness, abundance, beauty, and loving quality.

Facets of Unity, pg. 34

Understanding Love is to Be Love in the Moment

A statement is not understanding. Understanding is the actual embodiment of the state, the insightful beingness of it. Understanding is the unity of Being and insight. Understanding love, then, doesn’t mean knowing love is this or that, love is good, love is sweet, love affects you in this warm way, love nourishes you. Understanding love is to be love in the moment, to feel what it’s like. If you understand this completely, which means that you are completely and totally love, with a discriminating consciousness of the state, understanding automatically moves the state to a deeper level. The moment there is completeness in that state, the insight is there—insight is the union of your mind and your Being at that moment.

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