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Virtual Dimension

Diamond Approach

Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Virtual Dimension?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Virtual Dimension

All Possible Forms are Virtual Potentialities in the Absolute

We learn from this that the absolute is the potential for all qualities of essence, that these qualities actually characterize the absolute but in a completely implicit, undifferentiated, and nonmanifest manner. It is like the essential aspects exist in some kind of a virtual fashion in the absolute. We also find that not only the essential qualities, but all possible forms, are virtual potentialities in the absolute. We learn, in effect, that all of manifest reality is potential in the absolute, in some kind of virtual existence. We recognize that the transcendent absolute, even though it is total absence, is pregnant with possibilities. The whole of possible manifestations is implicit in it, as a hidden treasure waiting to appear. We refer to the absolute pregnant with its hidden treasure as the virtual dimension, which we recognize as the seed possibility for manifestation, and hence as the pre-beginning of the journey of descent. We learn from this virtual dimension that all aspects and forms of essence are nothing but the absolute, inherent in the very fabric of the absolute. They are its inherent, implicit, nondifferentiated, and nonmanifest perfections. When they manifest they are basically the manifestation of the inherent perfections of the absolute, appearing differentiated and explicit. They are always the absolute appearing in its various perfections. The hidden treasure is simply revealed, as the inherent perfections of the mystery of Being

The Cusp Demarcating the Transition from Ascent to Descent

It is possible to consider the virtual dimension to be the cusp demarcating the transition from ascent to descent. Hence, the absolute dimension will be the first dimension of descent. But the virtual dimension is not a manifest dimension at all, for it is simply the absolute in its absoluteness, before it becomes a dimension. Hence, we prefer to think of the absolute dimension as the cusp separating ascent and descent. It is the end of ascent and the beginning of descent.

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