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Vital Energy

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From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Vital Energy?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Vital Energy

Shakti Energy is a Dimension of Presence

We have discussed the ground of Reality as comprising five dimensions of true nature. We can conceptualize Reality slightly differently; by taking into consideration some important differentiations and distinctions in manifest reality. We have discussed the manifest forms as if they are all of the same kind, or on the same level; but there are physical forms, mental forms, emotional forms, essential forms, and so on. It might be helpful to differentiate two significant categories and explore how they are related to true nature. We then can speak of two additional dimensions to Reality, the physical dimension and the dimension of energy. Reality then comprises seven dimensions, the five boundless dimensions of true nature and the dimensions of energy and physicality. We are not referring here to physical energy, which is part of the physical world. Rather, we mean the vital energy necessary for living forms, referred to in Sanskrit as prana or shakti… In the Diamond Approach we activate this vital energy not through the familiar yogic practices of kundalini but through inquiry and understanding. Our perception is that shakti energy is a dimension that is patterned according to essential aspects, a dimension that has its particular psychodynamic and structural issues. In other words, it is a dimension of presence; but this presence is the presence of energy, like light but not exactly. It has no fullness or density, just vitality.

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