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Water Chandelier

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Glossary of Spiritual Wisdom

From the teachings of A.H. Almaas

What is Water Chandelier?

Diamond Approach Teachings About: Water Chandelier

Being Vulnerable is the Watery Way to Being

The intelligence of Being was also reshaping reality for most who were in the School now. Students were fluidly breaking through to new realizations of all kinds. We had been graced with six diamond vehicles thus far, and the seventh came along in parallel process to our awakening into the boundless dimensions. Picture a chandelier with crystals of delicate, semisolid water, almost like melting ice, but not cold. Imagine a sense of graceful and subtle presence that imbues your consciousness with an exquisite, refined precision, both by its direct feel and by the sound of tinkling diamonds as if stirred by a breeze. It was more difficult to conceive of the seventh vehicle than the ones that had arrived before it because it was subtler in many respects than the more earth-shaking and pyrotechnic spiritual experiences. When this vehicle of watery ice diamonds descended, its refinement and tenderness were gracefully divine. We called it "the Water Chandelier." For all its delicacy, it has the power to defrock us of our defences and open us up to the wisdom of our ordinary, undramatic humanity, with all of its vulnerability. Being vulnerable is the watery way to Being because transparency in our individual consciousness in its sheer state is necessary for the consummation of the marriage of individual consciousness to its true nature. Defencelessness is threatening, even seems foolish, when all you want is to survive; for spiritual awakening, however, it is a necessity. Without total vulnerability and openness to essence there is no essential development and no essential marriage and hence no possibility of obtaining nonduality.

The Jeweled Path, pg. 228

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