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Diamond Approach Florida

Diamond Approach Florida

We are happy to invite you to Diamond Approach Florida, a newly forming Diamond Approach group. This open group welcomes those living in Florida and the Southeastern US. The Diamond Approach group format creates a holding field that, over time, allows for a student’s gradual spiritual growth and development.

We meet approximately three times a year in person—fall, winter, and spring—in Tampa. Participants are supported with their inquiry process by meeting in inquiry groups via the internet between the in-person meetings.

All of the meetings are experiential in nature. The in-person meetings include talks that evoke our depth, meditative practices, and personal inquiry exploration. The inquiry groups consist of a series of short inquiry meetings via the internet. We also offer individual private sessions to further support participants’ personal exploration.

For event information and registration, please visit our website: or contact Ilene Buchalter at

You may also see the US South Hub for upcoming events. 

Tampa, FL
United States
Florida US

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