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Diamond Heart Europe Group 4

Diamond Approach Europe 4 (DHE4) is a new international ongoing group that meets twice a year for 7-day retreats in Seefeld/Northern Germany. The retreats are taught in English.

The residential retreat format includes large group teachings with inquiry exercises, small group inquiry work, and individual sessions with a teacher. All of this together creates a field of presence for our work. Between the residential retreats, students will be offered opportunities to engage with the teaching through regional or online in-between groups. These meetings support bringing the teaching into daily life.

This new group started in 2021 and is guided by a team of five teachers: Christa Jonas, Konnie Schneider, Odile van Eck, Oliver Schumann, and Tanja Weigmann. The Director is Jeanne Rosenblum. The founders of the Diamond Approach, Hameed Ali (who writes under the name A.H. Almaas) and Karen Johnson, oversee the curriculum of this group.

This group is open for new students.  If you are intersted in joining this group and participating in this teaching, please contact our group administrator at

Retreat Dates

  • 2023: October 15 - 22
  • 2024: February 25 - March 3 and October 13 - 20
  • 2025: March 16 - 23 and October 12 - 19

Interim Teaching Dates

  • 2023: March 29 and September 1

Download a flyer about DHE4. 


Introductory Events - Open and Complimentary

A number of events with different themes of the Diamond Approach are offered online. These are opportunities to experience directly some of the teachings and practices of the Diamond Approach provided by the teaching team of Diamond Heart Europe 4 (DHE4).


Meet the Teacher:

Open evenings with one of the DHE4 team members.  These meetings offer an opportunity to ask all your questions and to get a taste of the Diamond Approach work and learn about this group.  These meetings are on zoom and are free for charge.


May 23 from 19:00 to 20:00 CET with Odile van Eck



Introductory Workshop - Surfing the Now (on zoom)

Friday June 30 from 19:00 to 22:00 and

Saturday July 1 from 9:30 to 12:30 and 15:00 to 18:00

The present moment always offers the opportunity to get to know yourself in a more intimate and deeper way. Learning to sense your experience in a direct way and to follow its own natural flow of unfoldment, is the main practice in the Diamond Approach, called inquiry.

During these three meetings you’ll get an experiential taste of our work.

Led by Christa Jonas and Odile van Eck

Cost € 100

Register before June 26 via:


Introduction into Inquiry and the Diamond Approach®

August 30th from 19:00 till 21:30 h with Konnie Schneider and Murielle Ades


These meeting takes place via zoom and is free of charge.


Introductory Evening

September 4 from 19:00 to 22:00 with Oliver Schumann.

This evening is free of charge.

Register at


Introductory Workshop to the Diamond Approach® in Oslo The Heart of Inquiry – Awakening the 3 Centers

Saturday September 30th and Sunday October 1st with Konnie Schneider. Further details will be announced soon.



Other open events offered by DHE4 teachers:

Group Events

Meditation und Erforschen; Köln, Germany
Gruppen-Abende in deutscher Sprache, 1 x monatlich freitags
Zurzeit ONLINE
• Lehrer*innen: Christa Jonas and Oliver Schumann

Download a flyer about DHE4. 


For further information and application for DHE4:
Contact our administrator, Stacia Roberts: or one of the teachers.


Seefeld Stadland 26937

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