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Midwest Diamond Approach 4

Midwest Diamond Approach 4

A new Diamond Approach group is forming in the Upper Midwest and is accepting new members. Midwest Diamond Approach was first established in 1996 and draws students from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri and other midwestern states. MW4 welcomes students in the region who do not have access to a local Diamond Approach group.  

The Midwest group 4 will begin with weekend retreats meeting four times a year; Friday evenings through Sunday afternoon. Teaching includes meditation, lectures, discussion, and personal inquiry. Private, individual sessions with a teacher are also available.

Initially, these retreats will be online-only through Zoom and we plan to transition to in-person, residential retreats in 2023.

The Midwest Group 4 Teachers include Kathleen Graham, Kara Vangen and Jim Lockridge who all reside in the upper midwest and have been students of the Diamond Approach for over 25 years.

MW Group 4 Future 2023 Retreat Date:

  • Dec. 1-3  Zoom

MW Group 4 Future 2024 Retreat Dates:

  • Feb. 23-25 Zoom
  • May 31-June 2 Christine Center (with zoom option)
  • Aug. 30-Sept. 1  Christine Center (with Zoom option)
  • Nov. 1-3  Zoom

For more information and participation in MW4 and upcoming events, email us at [email protected]


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