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Hawaii Diamond Approach

Hawaii Diamond Approach


Hawai'i Diamond Approach is the overarching body for the teaching of the Diamond Approach in the Hawai'ian Islands. It was founded and continues to be guided by Morton Letofsky and Deborah Ussery Letofsky, who were among A. H. Almaas's first students. They continue to teach the group first established in 1987.

Hawai'i Diamond Approach 4 (HDA4)

A new group, Hawai'i Diamond Approach 4, is now forming, initially through introductory public events (listed on the events page). It will be taught by Ursula McCall and Anne Hoff, and will meet in a format that supports participation from residents of all the islands. After reaching a certain point in the teaching, HDA4 members may also participate in retreats with the larger Hawai'i Diamond Approach Group taught by Morton Letofsky and Deborah Ussery Letofsky.

For more information about Hawai'i Diamond Approach 4, contact Ursula McCall or Anne Hoff

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