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Upper Midwest Diamond Approach 3

A new Diamond Approach Group has started in the Upper Midwest Region and it is currently open and growing. The Diamond Approach is a path of spiritual realization characterized by sincere inquiry into one’s experience, fueled by the love of truth. The immediate contact with the truth of our experience allows the unfoldment of our Soul to reach increasingly deeper levels of truth. Our work includes meditations, teaching, movement, and experiential exercises.


Carol Carbon, Neal Carbon, and Johanna Seubert, assisted by Timothy Bernhard, Kathleen Graham, Jim Lockridge, and Kara Vangen.   

For more information contact:

Kathleen Graham
Phone: 608-790-4642

See upcoming events and retreats in the US Middle Region here.

Upper Midwest Diamond Approach 3 Retreat Schedule for 2019:

March 5-8, 2020 (Group will close to new students after this retreat)
June 11-14, 2020 (Group closed to new students)
Sept. 1-6, 2020 (Group closed to new students)

Willard, WI
United States
Wisconsin US

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