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Alchemy of Freedom Book Talk at Spirit Rock

Alchemy of Freedom Book Talk at Spirit Rock

Ridhwan Foundation, in collaboration with Spirit Rock Meditation Center, presents a book talk with A. H. Almaas on The Alchemy of Freedom: The Philosophers' Stone and the Secrets of Existence 

The Nature of Awakening

  •  The diamond approach, developed by Hameed Ali, combines spirituality and the exploration of reality, offering a unique perspective on personal growth and self-discovery.
  •  "Necessary awakening is to have a close encounter of the Third Kind with spiritual nature, a recognition of the divine spirit within ourselves."
  •  The necessary awakening is recognizing something beyond the usual content of experience, a spiritual nature that is not part of our ordinary states of consciousness.
  •  The new element of awakening is radically different from our ordinary experience, bringing lightness, spaciousness, and compassion.
  •  Awakening is about recognizing consciousness awareness for what it truly is, going beyond our usual everyday experiences.
  •  Awakening is the key factor that makes liberation and spiritual transformation possible.
  •  There is an element within us and in the universe that can be recognized in its purity, and it is different from all other elements of experience.
  •  Awakening implies recognizing that there is a new element within us, a divine thing that can arise in our experience and radically change our perception of reality.
  •  The primary awakening reveals that this new element or presence is not something separate from us, but it is our very nature and identity.
  •  Awakening is not just about understanding or knowing, but actually being the divine presence within us, which requires a big quantum leap in consciousness.

The Power of Divine Presence

  •  The power of hatred can have a significant impact when shared with many people, but the power of love and compassion can make it impossible to harm others.
  •  Primary awakening allows us to tap into an unsullied, indestructible truth and presence within us, where love, compassion, and the miraculousness of life naturally flow.


Alchemy of Freedom Spirit Rock Book Talk 2017

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