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Conversation: Emptiness, the Edge of the Unknown

Conversation: Emptiness, the Edge of the Unknown

A. H. Almaas and Robert Thurman at the 2016 Science and Nonduality Conference

In this illuminating conversation, A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali) and Robert Thurman discuss the subject of being and nonbeing, emptiness and presence, and how this is a foray into the unknown depths of being. What is meant by emptiness? What is its direct experience? Is there is only one emptiness or different kinds or degrees? And how does this combine with being or presence in manifestation? Learn whether there are differences between the Buddhist perspective and the Diamond Approach.

Conversation: Emptiness, The Edge of the Unknown A.H. Almaas, Ph.D. and Robert A.F. Thurman, Ph.D.

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