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Is Entanglement Fundamentally a Physical or Spiritual Phenomena?

Is Entanglement Fundamentally a Physical or Spiritual Phenomena?

2014 Science and Nonduality Conference

In quantum theory, entanglement is like action at a distance but faster than the speed of light. Latest observations suggest that a spacetime wormhole connects two entangled particles, thus accounting for their instantaneous communication.

  • Is such entanglement or non-locality a property limited to what is known as entangled particles, or is it possibly true for all particles?
  • What kind of spiritual perception or insight parallels, or may account for, such property of entanglement? Is nondual perception sufficient to account for entanglement?
  • Or do we need to look at another characteristic of consciousness - the fundamental spiritual element - to find a realization that parallels the phenomena of entanglement, where there is no time or distance between objects or events?
  • What is the experience of reality in such spiritual realization, and can it give us more insights into quantum entanglement? And what does such spiritual understanding inform us about the deeper properties of time and space?
  • Does it help us understand spacetime wormholes spiritually, and can this then feed into our understanding of quantum entanglement?

Spiritual Nature and Unity Experience

  •  Spiritual experiences aim to uncover the nature of our experiences, just like physics seeks to understand the nature of elementary particles, leading us to something beyond the physical, emotional, and mental realms.
  •  The beingness of the universe is self-aware and expresses itself through individual consciousnesses like human beings.
  •  The mystical experience of unity encompasses all that we see and experience, both the outer and inner universe, blurring the boundaries between reality and perception.
  •  Experiencing this spiritual nature requires perceiving without conceptions, fear, theories, or opinions, leading to a sense of vastness, freedom, and manifestation.
  •  The experience of unity or oneness reveals that consciousness is omnipresent and unifies everything, eliminating the possibility of separation.
  •  The realization of our true nature allows us to see ourselves as a magnificent, vast, and infinite universe.
  •  Similar to Einstein's theory of space-time, this spiritual experience reveals that not only all space but also all time is present, blurring the boundaries of past, present, and future.
  •  The spiritual nature of consciousness is beyond time and space, containing all of time and space within it.
  •  This spiritual unity goes beyond the traditional concept of unity, encompassing the ability to experience anyone's perspective at any time, opening up endless possibilities for human culture.

Quantum Entanglement and Particle Behavior

  •  Entanglement is a phenomenon where two particles that have interacted become entangled, causing instantaneous communication between them regardless of distance.
  •  Entanglement has been experimentally verified, showing that particles can behave as if they know what each other is doing, regardless of their distance apart.

Is Entanglement Fundamentally A Physical Or Spiritual Phenomena? - A. H. Almaas

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