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Essential Keys to the Enneagram: Principles and Practices

Essential Keys to the Enneagram: Principles and Practices

In the Enneagram, each key to the core of a fixation turns out to be a unique manifestation of pure consciousness or spiritual nature. It is the very substance of nondual consciousness appearing in the world of duality. The keys are expressions of the eternal spirit, true and authentic forms of presence manifesting in particular ways without directly challenging duality or necessitating ego death. Learn some of the deeper motivations for A.H. Almaas writing his recent book, Keys to the Enneagram.

Personal Growth and Transformation

  • Realizing that success is not the ultimate goal, but rather being an effective and authentic human being, can lead to a correction of our ego ideal and a more fulfilling life.
  • The Enneagram can help individuals understand their patterns in a deep way and free themselves from rigidity and fixation.
  • Wanting to know the truth about ourselves is not about trying to achieve a certain truth, but rather about seeing and accepting the truth that is already manifesting within us.
  • "We must learn to hatch out the helplessness inside" - Rumi emphasizes the importance of embracing and accepting our own helplessness as a means of growth and transformation.
  • The speaker emphasizes the beauty and uniqueness of individual qualities, comparing them to the sweetness of sugar cane and the resilience of a healthy muscle.

Connecting with True Nature

  • The Enneagram can be a useful tool for individuals who are already familiar with it, helping them to access their spiritual nature and experience freedom, liberation, and realization of presence.
  • Accessing our true nature requires going beyond the pretenses of ego and connecting with the quality of presence.
  • The quality of intelligence goes beyond being clever or smart, it encompasses the presence and brilliance that informs all aspects of our being.
  • The personal essence is a sense of being a being of presence that has the capacity for personal contact, interaction, and personal functioning.
  • The death of our ego boundaries brings about a transformation that allows us to connect with our true nature.

Understanding the Enneagram

  • The new book "Keys to the Enneagram" explores how each enneagram type is constructed around an ego ideal, providing deeper insights into our personalities.
  • The concept of ego dissolution or ego death is discussed, implying that by working with our ego ideals and qualities, we can potentially dissolve all nine fixations within us.
  • "Pearl Beyond Price" by A.H. Almaas is a highly recommended book that connects object relations and ego deficiency with awakening in a unique and insightful way.
  • The teachings of the enneagram have the potential to bring unity and understanding to the world.


Video Source: Enneagram Global Summit

Essential Keys to the Enneagram: Principles and Practices

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