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Expanding Consciousness

Expanding Consciousness

A. H. Almaas talks about expanding our horizons in this webinar recorded on April 6, 2018.

The Path of Spiritual Expansion

  •  The spiritual path encourages individuals to expand their own horizons, seeking deep and rich experiences in life.
  •  Even in our conventional world, we have the potential to expand our subjectivity and experience a deeper sense of peace, love, joy, and clarity.
  •  Our perception and thinking can become incredibly clear and precise, like a faceted diamond, allowing us to experience a heightened state of consciousness.
  •  Spiritual realization involves shifting our sense of identity from being an individual with a physical body and mind to recognizing the non-physical nature of the heart and mind as light and love.
  •  The non-dual experience is one of boundless love and clarity, where we realize that we are the infinite ocean containing the whole universe within us.
  •  Expanding our view of reality and ourselves can lead to a radical shift in our perception of the universe and our place in it.
  •  By expanding our consciousness, we can access different channels of experiencing ourselves and the universe, going beyond the limitations of being just a small individual.
  •  The expansion of consciousness is like venturing into the unknown, an exciting adventure into the depths of dark space, where we don't know what kind of world, galaxies, planets, or creatures we will encounter.
  •  Online inquiry groups and book study groups can offer guidance and support from a teacher to help individuals expand their horizons and deepen their understanding of a subject.
  •  The expansion of consciousness is compared to the sensation of the whole universe eating chocolate ice cream.
  •  The expansion of our horizons requires more than just thinking about it; it involves engaging our hearts, emotions, sensations, and the totality of our consciousness.

The Experience of Consciousness

  •  The screen has the capacity to transmit consciousness and allow for a connection between the teacher and the viewer, creating a three-dimensional experience.
  •  Just by listening and engaging in exercises, your horizons are already expanding, opening up new possibilities for growth and understanding.


Expanding Horizons Webinar

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