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The Jeweled Path Book Talk London

The Jeweled Path Book Talk London

"Truth Diamond" - A teaching from Karen Johnson on her book The Jeweled Path: The Biography of the Diamond Approach to Inner Realization - a presentation at Mary Ward House Conference and Exhibition Centre, London, England, United Kingdom, April 2018.

The Diamond Approach and Personal Growth

  •  The symphony of teachers created by Hameed allows for different expressions and articulations of the teaching, leading to harmonization and the exemplification of what's possible.
  •  The diamond approach is a response to the needs of our time, emphasizing the value of the individual and the importance of transcending cultural boundaries.
  •  The golden diamond vehicle represents a truth that evokes our own knowledge and wisdom, showing that presence itself is the truth of existence.
  •  The origin of happiness lies within our hearts, like a radiant sun, and we can feel its glow and palpable sense without anyone else's validation.
  •  The concept of "diamond love" represents a true individual with fullness, uniqueness, and presence, rather than relying on another person to feel complete.
  •  The teaching is described as something far more brilliant and beautiful than any one person can be, emphasizing its transcendental nature.
  •  The diamond approach to life is about embracing the unexpected twists and turns, as they contribute to personal growth and a sense of wonder.

Truth, Relationships, and Self-Reflection

  •  Sharing difficult truths with loved ones can be challenging, but ultimately beneficial for personal growth and stronger relationships.
  •  Protecting someone from the truth can lead to a relationship where there is no truth anymore, resulting in no relationship at all.
  •  The book is a reflection of the author's personal journey, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection and learning from life's painful experiences.


Karen Johnson - London Book Talk

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