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Karen Johnson on Buddha at the Gas Pump

Karen Johnson on Buddha at the Gas Pump

Karen Johnson is interviewed by Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gas Pump. This interview explores how the Diamond Approach is evolving, what differentiates it from other traditions, and the way it has developed over time.

The Nature of Spiritual Growth and Development

  •  Spirituality is a refinement and purification of our faculties, allowing for deeper senses and a greater ability to perceive, although not everyone will have the same capacities or experiences.
  •  The curriculum in the school focuses on experientially guiding students through various dimensions and aspects of their being, leading to the integration of all dimensions into the absolute and a deeper understanding of oneself and the world.
  •  The diamond approach teaches that any experience is a portal into the unknown, revealing what needs to happen next for an individual's growth and development of consciousness.
  •  Spiritual and personal development is an ongoing process that involves revisiting and unearthing different aspects of oneself at subtler levels over time.
  •  The concept of development and realization in spiritual growth is not linear or finite, but rather an ongoing process with no ultimate endpoint.
  •  Our capacity as beings to experience and explore reality is limitless, allowing for constant refinement and exploration.
  •  The path of discovery in this tradition was radical, with no one dictating what is and what isn't, allowing for a traceless existence where actions sweep themselves away.

Spiritual Awakening and Experiences

  •  Suzanne experienced a profound awakening when her friend performed a swirling gesture with his hand, leading to the awakening of presence within her.
  •  The dimensions of spiritual experience include individual essence, boundless love, pure being, non-conceptual awareness, and the absolute ground of being and non-being.
  •  Pamela Wilson had a supernatural experience where Ramana Maharshi appeared in her bedroom, showing that spiritual figures can have a profound impact on individuals' lives even before they are aware of their existence.
  •  "Your being is manifesting in a very unique and lovely way that I feel privileged to be speaking with."

Perspectives on Consciousness and Reality

  •  The concept of time is multi-dimensional, with both a relative existence and a deeper understanding of its non-existence.
  •  Despite the impermanence of our planet and the potential extinction of human life, exploring the dynamism of our nature and venturing into the possibilities of freedom can bring a sense of purpose and optimism.
  •  There is a symbiotic relationship between individual consciousness and the ocean of consciousness, where individuals act as conduits into the vastness and the vastness acts as a conduit into the world or experience.
  •  Suzanne emphasizes the importance of an inclusive perspective that values and learns from different traditions, allowing for continuous growth and wisdom that may differ from the original teachings.

Karen Johnson - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

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