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Living at the Edge of the Unknown

Living at the Edge of the Unknown

A. H. Almaas and Karen Johnson at the 2016 Science and Nonduality Conference

We are always living at the edge of the unknown, whether in ordinary experience, scientific knowledge or spiritual realization. In the realized condition, there is certainty that we know, but we also know that there is a great deal more we do not know. It is clear that we live on an island of knowing in a sea of mystery. We are at ease living with the mystery of reality, for it gives us the opportunity to discover greater ways of living freedom. We will talk and dialogue on the skillful means of utilizing the edge of unknowing to delve into the mystery, revealing greater and deeper knowledge. Our realization deepens and expands, without having to reach an end, for the edge of the unknown is the ever-lasting call for greater realization.

Living at the Edge of the Unknown, A .H. Almaas and Karen Johnson

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