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Nondual Love: Awakening to the Fundamental Benevolence of Reality

Nondual Love: Awakening to the Fundamental Benevolence of Reality

Deep Transformation: Self-Society-Spirit Podcast

Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas), founder of the contemporary spiritual path the Diamond Approach, and author of many outstanding spiritual classics, is writing a trilogy on the subject of love, and in this conversation the focus is on the second book, Nondual Love. Hameed explains that most wisdom traditions target various ultimates: pure emptiness, pure consciousness, nondual awareness, being, non-being—each of which is sufficient for liberation, but fails to include the qualities of nondual love: goodness, sweetness, abundance, benevolence. Hameed brings these dimensions of love to the table, asking what does divine love feel like, look like, what is it made of?

Listening to Hameed is a beautiful, rich experience, due to his extraordinary lucidity, gentle humor, and the profound understanding and assurance that pervade his words from his long experience swimming in the waters of which he speaks. He tells us we all have the potential to experience nondual love, although there are significant obstacles along the path that are inherent to being human. Hameed describes the different stages of opening to nondual love, from the first glimmerings of “unearthly sweetness” to the realization that we ourselves are love. And he outlines the nature of the barriers we face, like the beast of anger and hatred that arises in us when we perceive that reality has abandoned us. Hameed explains that re-establishing basic trust, feeling the presence of benevolent love, we can regain the sense that things will be okay and unfold ultimately for the good. Recorded April 12, 2023.

Awakening and Self-Realization

  • To truly see the world through the eyes of love, one must cultivate the capacity for love and spend their life working on approaching God through love, as love and God are inseparable and the universe is inseparable from that love.
  • Presence is filled with the fullness and richness of reality, and experiencing the ontological sense of beingness can lead to a profound understanding of Divine love and pure existence.
  • Being personal is a true spiritual quality that stems from pure being and is inherent to consciousness, allowing for a deep sense of connection and understanding without the need for words.
  • Surrender is a transitional phase that leads us to recognize that it is not us who are doing the surrendering, but rather the action of love and grace.
  • No matter how disciplined or good our practices are, ultimately it is the presence of Grace that brings awakening and gives hope that love will be sufficient in all circumstances.
  • Love can help soften and melt the boundaries of the ego, making it easier to let go and experience non-dual realization.

The Power of Love and Benevolence

  • "Without love, there will be no reason for the universe to exist."
  • Love is not a contradiction to other aspects of reality, but rather a presence that is conscious, aware, giving, and radiating with a sense of benevolence.
  • Love is inherent to consciousness and emerges when we are free from obstructions, regardless of whether it is seen as a basic aspect or not.

Love as a Transformative Force

  • Sexual love, when awakened, can transform into a pure form of Tantra, where the practice of sexual encounters goes beyond mere gratification and delves deeper into the realm of the spirit, bringing out the goodness and love within it.
  • True love goes beyond self-interest and encompasses a sense of selflessness, where we genuinely desire the well-being of others.
  • Acknowledging and experiencing the darker aspects of ourselves is essential for true and pure divine love to flourish, as it removes obstacles in our consciousness.
  • Healing our ego's insatiable greed for stimulation involves welcoming and understanding it, recognizing that it stems from a disconnection from the fundamental benevolence and goodness that exists everywhere.

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