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Nondual Perspective on Duality

Nondual Perspective on Duality

What is the value and contribution of duality from the perspective of nondual realization?

Key insights

  •  True self and true nature are found in the state of pure awareness, where there are no qualities or colors, just a clear fullness of presence.
  •  True nature has the intelligence of discrimination, presenting itself in various ways such as presence, awareness, emptiness, and aliveness, catering to the unique preferences and experiences of individuals.
  •  The presence of divine love is the primary effect that gives rise to all other emotions and feelings in human experience.
  •  The absolute, without which there would be no place or space for all experiences to occur, is the nameless supreme presence of spaciousness from which measurable space nd phenomena arise.
  •  The non-dual experience is often dismissed as imagination or illusion, but it holds fundamental characteristics that are essential for existence and life.
  •  Understanding divine love requires going beyond the dualistic perspective and experiencing the interconnectedness of all things.
  •  The differentiation between things is necessary for the advancement of technology and science in our postmodern world.
  •  The mythology and superstitions present in different cultures are seen as real, but science aims to dispense with them in order to pursue discriminating knowledge.


NonDual Perspective on Duality

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