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Nonduality and Beyond: Nature of Reality and Awakenings

Nonduality and Beyond: Nature of Reality and Awakenings

“Reality really has much more up its sleeve than any human being can imagine..” Almaas speaks with John and Roger on the Deep Transformation Podcast.


The Nature of Reality and Realization

  • Hamida goes beyond his own prior teachings to explore a larger context called the fourth turning or the view of totality, stepping back from his own map of understanding.
  • The work of A.H. Almaas involves a direct inquiry into experience, leading to a deeper understanding of the fundamental nature of reality and realization.
  • The experience of transcendent reality is not just a concept but a deeply embodied and real understanding of oneself and the nature of reality.
  • The teachings in the book go beyond the dual and non-dual perspectives, bringing them together in a powerful and transformative way.
  • The experience of realizing that everything is a hologram and God is in everything everywhere is a game-changing and extraordinary realization.
  • The view of totality is being open to a boundless number of perspectives, allowing for freedom and exploration.
  • Reality is much more mysterious and rich than what we think we know.
  • The realization of reality goes beyond what any human can imagine, with endless possibilities yet to be discovered.
  • The belief that Awakening leads to the end of delusion may be a delusion itself, as delusion can be endless and more subtle.
  • Substituting "God" for "true nature" can provide a helpful perspective in understanding the nature of reality and the divine.
  • The experience of true nature and the depth of non-dual realization can catalyze the realization of a larger body, a diamond-like presence, which fosters ongoing awakening and curiosity.

Continuous Adventure of Discovery and Growth

  • The mind is self-healing, self-actualizing, self-directing, and self-transcending when we bring awareness to it and our experiences.
  • Recognizing our objective helplessness allows us to surrender and open ourselves to the grace that can guide us in understanding our own minds.
  • The adventure of discovering the nature of reality and awakenings is a continuous process with no finality or ultimate destination.
  • The Diamond Approach, developed by Hameed, is based on his direct experience and realization, making it a unique and authentic spiritual path.


A. H. Almaas - FULL VIDEO Interview on Nonduality and Beyond: Nature of Reality and Awakenings

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