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Our Good Fortune

Our Good Fortune

In this video clip, Almaas addresses the present difficult world situation from the perspective of how spiritual goodness appears within such discord. He discusses how nondual perfection is relevant to our present time with its difficulties, discord, and violence. And how spiritual selfless goodness relates to the difficulties while acknowledging their reality.

This presentation is from a recent teaching at an all-school retreat in the Netherlands, June 2017.

Key insights

  •  True spiritual development is reflected in one's humility, compassion, friendliness, and good heart, rather than just being brilliant or happy.
  •  The fundamental goodness in everyone is a form of general grace, which comes from the divine presence that extends to all beings.
  •  The Sufi solution of integrating awareness of both physical and spiritual planes instead of rejecting one or the other offers a different perspective on reality.
  •  The fundamental nature of everything is not just physical, but spiritual, and inherently good.
  •  All essential qualities show the goodness of true nature that they're good in the sense they're helpful and resolve our issues.
  •  Our being is not separate from others, and it is one being of pure presence, consciousness, self-knowing awareness, and love.
  •  Our good fortune as humanity lies in this pure goodness, which is the source of beauty, compassion, love, and generosity that radiates like the sun.
  •  Love and tenderness are essential for human beings, and experiencing them requires letting go of our sense of separateness, hatred, and fear.


Our Good Fortune

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