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Perception and Reality

Perception and Reality

A. H. Almaas presents a vision of perception in spiritual realization that parallels the view in quantum theory of the relation between the observer and reality. Since in spiritual realization reality is more fundamental than the observer, actually manifesting the observer, the vision brings in the subtleties of realization and why there are many kinds. Reality becomes a much more mysterious truth than the view of any kind of realization, which requires encompassing the various views of enlightenment.

Consciousness and Self-Perception

  •  One of the primary spiritual insights is consciousness awakening to itself, realizing that it is pure consciousness.
  •  The development of perception involves the progression from simply perceiving to perceiving that one is perceiving, leading to a deeper understanding of the self as the perceiver.
  •  Our perception of reality goes beyond the external world, as it is intertwined with our own consciousness and the knowingness within us.
  •  From the perspective of infinite pure consciousness, everything that emerges and is perceived is not separate from us, and we have a sense of creating and perceiving it simultaneously.
  •  Recognizing the emptiness or pure non-existence of being allows us to experience the deeper nature of consciousness without it disappearing.

Perception and Manifestation

  •  Perception and the arising of forms are not two separate things, but rather the same thing, as everything we experience and perceive is interconnected.
  •  Perception is the changing of manifestation, where appearance is interpreted differently by individuals, leading to dualistic or non-dual experiences.
  •  Consciousness forms and manifests within itself, giving rise to the world and our individual experiences, highlighting the interconnectedness of everything.
  •  The true nature of reality is the inseparable connection between being and non-being, where all manifestation is a creative act out of nothingness.
  •  Not being can be seen as the fundamental ground of emptiness and all manifestation, suggesting a deeper connection between different forms of existence.

Non-Dual Experience and Unity of Being

  •  The recognition of non-dual experience reveals that there is ultimately only one subject perceiving through all of our senses, leading to a unity of being.
  •  Our experience of consciousness can be both individual and non-dualistic, allowing for different ways of perceiving and experiencing reality.
  •  The perception of something and the reality of something are the same thing, highlighting the concept of non-dual experience.
  •  The individual and the vastness are not separate, but rather the individual is a manifestation of the vastness, perceiving from a unique perspective.


Perception And Reality Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas)

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