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The Quantum View of Realization

The Quantum View of Realization

A. H. Almaas challenges the prevailing non-dualistic view of realization when it considers dualistic experience as due to the individual’s delusion of separateness. By challenging this ancient and common view that the ordinary world is an illusion, he takes us to a wider view of reality, a view that recognizes nondual realization as only one way enlightenment can happen. He uses the language of quantum theory to present a view of reality that is more mysterious and indeterminate than either duality or non-duality. Our ordinary world is also acknowledged as real, but not as the only way reality can be. A new kind of freedom becomes possible, which is the freedom of view, not just of experience.

This presentation is from a teaching Almaas gave at an all-school retreat, August 2017.

The Quantum View of Realization

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