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Realizing True Nature: A Conversation with A. H. Almaas and Tara Brach

Realizing True Nature: A Conversation with A. H. Almaas and Tara Brach

Tara begins her conversation with Hameed, "One of the things you said, at some point, that most impacted me was that 'reality is meditating.'" And off they go for a lovely dialogue...


Essence of True Nature

  • "Non-duality means the spiritual nature is not separate from the individual who is practicing."
  • These qualities are not just emotions or thoughts, but they are the very essence of our true nature, imbuing our individual consciousness and offering a treasure for human beings to experience.
  • Being aware of the essence qualities that arise in any given moment allows us to delve into and explore them, understanding their impact on our consciousness and life.
  • Inquiry and curiosity play a crucial role in this exploration, driven by a sense of passion and a desire to understand and experience the truth.
  • Courage and perseverance are qualities of our true nature that are necessary when facing difficult emotions and experiences, such as anger, rejection, abandonment, emptiness, and fear.
  • It is important to step out of our thoughts and come into presence in order to dissolve the perception of separateness and allow our true nature to express itself in a natural and empowered way.
  • Awareness is non-conceptual and goes beyond knowing what we are aware of, encompassing a dynamic creative dimension that brings about change.

Love and Non-Duality

  • Emotions like hatred, anger, and fear are actually rooted in love, strength, and fearless awareness, respectively, and by being aware and conscious, we can harness their true purpose.
  • "I wish as many human beings as possible to access those qualities themselves because they'll be more human."
  • As we open ourselves up and understand the entanglement of the sense of self, the heart naturally opens and the qualities of love, such as determination and love, begin to emerge.
  • Love is inherent to our true nature and is synonymous with goodness, as it is the desire for others to be happy and fulfilled.
  • Opening our hearts and recognizing the belief of separateness can lead us to experience a boundless love that brings non-duality and Divine presence.
  • The experience of boundarylessness involves realizing that everything is light and love, and that there is no separation between ourselves and the source of everything.
  • Grace is the spontaneous expression of love and awareness that arises when the sense of separate self starts to drop away.

Awakening and Universal Truths

  • Hamid Ali's book "non-dual love" has deeply touched and inspired many readers, including Tara Brach, highlighting its profound impact on spiritual practice.
  • Certain Awakening experiences can be universal and beneficial to others, as they reveal truths about the human condition and address various dimensions of consciousness and life.

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