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Runaway Realization Part One

Runaway Realization Part One

A. H. Almaas is interviewed by Rick Archer on Buddha at The Gas Pump.

Nature of Being and Reality

  •  "I am both a formlessness, right, that is at the same time everything, everything at all time and space."
  •  The ultimate reality is like a chameleon, presenting itself in different faces, and the realization lies in the freedom to move from one face to the next without impediment.
  •  Being functions in both time and space, containing all past and present moments, and its intelligence is unimaginable.
  •  The realization that everything is being manifested at this moment challenges our perception of change and the existence of separate entities.
  •  When we look closely enough, we question whether there is truly a manifestation and beings, or if it is all just Being functioning within itself, creating apparent phenomena that ultimately consist of nothing other than itself.
  •  The realization of radical non-locality eliminates the concept of space and distance, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all beings.
  •  "There isn't... everything is the nature of nothing." - The realization that there is nothing and everything is the nature of nothing, a certain kind of emptiness.

Perception and Experience of Spiritual Realization

  •  Spiritual experience is mysterious and can only be truly understood through direct encounter, not just through forming ideas around it.
  •  The training of the mind in spirituality not only makes thinking and articulation precise and clear but also makes the actual visceral experience precise and clear, like a trained diamond.
  •  The experience of being can become so clear and refined that it allows for spiritual realization and the fullness of being without any distortion or coloration.
  •  The vastness of being, initially experienced as a separate state, eventually integrates and flows through the mind, body, and intellect, becoming a living reality.
  •  "When listening to music, there's only the music, no listener, and it's a wonderful realization to have."

Understanding the Self and Identity

  •  Intelligence is a quality of being that can manifest in individuals, resulting in brilliance and fluidity in the way they operate, like a shining face and forehead, showcasing the pure brilliance of light.
  •  The intelligence of being is omniscient, having the knowledge of everything everywhere and everyone.
  •  "I am both the being and Hameed at the same time. Sometimes I am all being, sometimes I'm Hameed, but usually, I am both. But the most interesting thing, I also don't have to be either one of those. I'm not anything."
  •  "I am the individual is one realization I am the formlessness another realization. I am everything is a realization, right? I am nothing right is a realization."

Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas) - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

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