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Walking the Diamond Path

Walking the Diamond Path

A teaching from Karen Johnson on her book The Jeweled Path: The Biography of the Diamond Approach to Inner Realization - a presentation at Amstelkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 2018.

Deep Exploration and Self-Discovery Through Insight and Presence

  •  The diamond approach encourages us to open up and fully experience every moment, honoring where we are and recognizing that there is a treasure inside each experience.
  •  Our perception of ourselves as a fixed structure can limit us, but in reality, we are not defined by any rigid boundaries.
  •  The beauty of seeking a spiritual path is that it arises from a deep longing for something beyond our current existence, a recognition that there must be more to life.
  •  The experience described in the transcript evokes a profound sense of presence and clarity, erasing all doubt and distractions.
  •  The teaching of the Diamond Approach Path emphasizes the importance of presence and the transmission of knowledge through a fluid and mutual connection.
  •  "Insights were going off like fireworks, appreciating the nuance and skill in the teacher's work."
  •  Becoming the point of light is not just experiencing presence, but being presence itself, where there is no distance between self and being, and one simply is authentic.
  •  Insight is the spontaneous expression of our true nature, shining without the need for self-reflection or validation from others.
  •  Inquiry is a powerful tool that can cut through the layers of your soul and uncover the hidden aspects of your nature, allowing for deep exploration and self-discovery.
  •  Gradually it became evident that the source was conveying the wisdom of freedom from various angles that we had not thought about experience or even known.
  •  There are moments when we can feel that everything is within us and we are in everything, like being part of a vast interconnected network where each part reflects the whole.
  •  The freedom to be anything and everything or nothing at all is a liberating realization that unravels a whole universe of experience.

Expansion and Global Reach of the Diamond Approach

  •  The Diamond Approach work has expanded from a small group in a living room to a global movement, reaching people from different countries and cultures.

A Walk Through the Terrain of the Diamond Approach Path - A talk by Karen Johnson

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