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The Wonder of the Heart

The Wonder of the Heart

In January of 2022, Science and Nonduality hosted a dialogue between Thomas Hübl, founder of the Academy of Inner Science, and A. H. Almaas, founder of the Diamond Approach to Self-realization. In this conversation, QAlmaas and Hübl look at the notion of integrated spirituality, and how effective spiritual practice needs time and space to be deeply nourishing, healing, and sustainable. Join us to explore what it means to commit to a spiritual path and to live with an awakened heart.

The Heart and Spiritual Development

  • Love is the expression of our true nature and manifests as feelings of happiness, appreciation, generosity, and goodness.
  • Trauma creates a split between the mind and the heart or the body, and our spiritual practice involves onboarding the past into the present moment to be fully present and open with whatever is happening now.
  • The major work in awakening is how we liberate our heart, as it is the flow of heaven on earth and allows us to respond appropriately to others.
  • The heart has an inherent sense of truth that tells the mind when it's on the right track, guiding even scientific research.
  • The heart can unify not just individuals, but the entire universe, expressing a sense of oneness.
  • The heart can help us see beyond outer expressions and understand the truth, which is a part of wisdom.
  • Spiritual development is a process of maturation and evolution, not a one-time experience or workshop.
  • The importance of a spiritual community in supporting individuals on their journey towards the heart quality and providing an environment of love and care.
  • Developing the power of the heart allows for deeper listening to life beyond the surface, turning on necessary functions and bringing back what needed to be pushed away.
  • Universal heart is the source of all love and pervades the whole universe, but personal love can be channeled into individual human beings and appears as appreciation, generosity, or kindness.

The Heart and its Role in Relationships and Healing

  • The ultimate level of intimacy is when two hearts become one and feel everything together, whether it's sadness or delight.
  • The compassion of the heart can help heal trauma by unifying our capacities to listen, create intimacy, and connect with ourselves, others, and nature.

The Wonder of the Heart

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