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Diamond Heart Book Five: Inexhaustible Mystery

Diamond Heart Book Five: Inexhaustible Mystery

From one perspective, we can see ourselves merely as human beings struggling in a crowded and chaotic world of suffering. This book opens our eyes to a different reality, one that turns our familiar world inside out. We need only explore - with curiosity and love - our true potential as human beings in order to discover infinite depth and creativity in our lives as we act and interact in the world. When time and space expand their meaning, we come to know ourselves as having infinite dimensions of being and qualities of spirit, and uncover new mysteries about ourselves, one another, and the reality we live in.

This is the last of the five-volume Diamond Heart series of transcribed and edited talks given by A. H. Almaas to inner-work groups in California and Colorado.

A human being has two faces. Most people know one face, what is called the face of the day. Human beings also have a secret face, the face of the night. The Guest has arrived when the face you face the world with is the face of the night, the face of mystery, magic, and passion. The Secret, the Guest, will not arrive unless everything kneels in prayer to it. Everything has to kneel in prayer—your mind, your heart, your body, your soul, your essence, the universe, God. Everything has to kneel, ready to be vanished. And you don't pray to it for anything for yourself; you can only pray to it absolutely. You pray only for annihilation. That is the only prayer. The prayer is a passionate love, so passionate in its sweetness that it will burn you up completely. - from Chapter 7

Available at Shambhala Publications or most book retailers.

"We can think of no more significant voice in the transpersonal field than A. H. Almaas. His work is a seamless integration of cutting edge psychology and profound spirituality that addresses the concerns and hopes of contemporary people."  —Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, authors of Personality Types

"The work of A. H. Almaas places him among the greatest psychologists alive today." —Jack Kornfield


  1. Poor in Spirit (Read Now)
  2. The Guest Arrives Only at Night
  3. Sinking Your Boats
  4. Suffering and Its Cessation
  5. Absolute Absence
  6. Here's Looking at You (Watch Video)
  7. Living a True Life
  8. The Basic Fault and Its Resurrection
  9. Christ the Logos
  10. The Unfolding Pattern
  11. Attunement to Objective Reality
  12. Divine Quintessence

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