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Diamond Heart Book Three: Being and the Meaning of Life

Diamond Heart Book Three: Being and the Meaning of Life

We live in a world of mystery, wonder and beauty. But most of us seldom participate in this real world, being aware rather of a world that is mostly strife, suffering or meaninglessness. This situation is basically due to our not realizing and living our full human potential. This potential can be actualized by the realization and development of the human essence. The human essence is the part of us that is innate and real, and which can participate in the real world.

This series of books, Diamond Heart, is a transcription of talks I have give to inner work groups in both California and Colorado, for several years, as part of the work of these groups. The purpose of the talks is to guide and orient individuals who are engaged in doing the difficult work of essential realization. - Author's Preface

The process of essential self-realization goes through several stages, each with associated essential states, psychological issues, and resulting wisdom. The conceptualization of these stages depends partly on the teaching one is following, and partly on the focus of study. In the Diamond Approach the teaching is oriented towards the natural and spontaneous revelation of the truth of the Soul as one investigates one’s experience, motivated by the pure love for truth and joy in it.

This also leads to objectivity about Essence itself, for now, it is experienced from its own vantage point, rather than from that of the personality. Essence is recognized as Being, timelessness, the eternal now. The book discusses the state of self-realization on both the individual and universal dimensions—the first, centered around timelessness, functions as the entry to the latter, which is centered around the nowness of the oneness of Being. - from the Introduction

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1.    The Flame of the Search (Read Now)
2.    Are You Here?
3.    Who Am I?
4.    The Chasm
5.    Essence and the Ego Ideal
6.    Disidentification and Involvement
7.    Non-Waiting
8.    Supporting Self-Realization
9.    The Dilemma of Boundaries
10.    Knowledge and the Good
11.    Being and Understanding
12.    Reacting, Being, and Doing
13.    Humanness, Vulnerability, and Being


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