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Diamond Net Overview

Diamond Net Overview



For more than 40 years, the presentation of Diamond Approach teachings has revolved around the key practices and in-person participation in large group teachings, small groups and private sessions. This continues to be the ideal, most optimal approach. However, it is becoming more difficult for many to engage the teaching this way.

Therefore, our goal is to present our work appropriately in this new era and give interested individuals the opportunity to access the teachings in new ways and with more flexibility around constraints of time, money or geographical distance. 

To that end we want to invite you in to a new, organic form of engagement with the Diamond Approach that we call the “Diamond Net.” This name draws not only on the internet, but also on the concept of Indra’s Net. In the Diamond Net, like Indra’s Net, our points of connection are not only those located in time and space. We want to honor all the mysterious and multidimensional ways our connections to one another and to the teachings can manifest. Your consideration for your life circumstances coupled with your inner desire for the teachings will dictate how much or how little you are moved to participate.

We will utilize technology and online teaching in a way that expands access to our work, while also supporting the importance of the ancient and time-honored tradition of in-person meetings of groups and with individual teachers.

Ways to engage in the Diamond Net:

The courses will mostly be through the DAO website for 2018. As we get more established, the Diamond Net will be the main umbrella through which online and hybrid (mixed online and on-the-ground programs) will be offered.

Yearly Diamond Net course: One 2 to 3 hour teaching will be offered every 4 to 6 weeks as part of a yearlong course. The meetings will often be live but in some cases will be a prerecorded seminar. A segment in between each teaching will give you the opportunity to have contact with a live teacher answering questions and providing a forum for discussions amongst other participants.

In-person, ongoing groups that will be supplemented by the yearly Diamond Net course:

  • The Diamond Approach Asia Group in Thailand: Taught by Diamond Approach teachers in person and online starting in June 2018. For information and registration >
  • The Diamond Heart 10 Group in Berkeley, CA: An in-person group taught by Diamond Approach teachers in person mixed with an online course: Still open. For information and registration >

You will also have the opportunity to connect with a private teacher, if you don’t already have one, who can provide guidance for your personal integration of the teachings in a one-on-one setting. All yearly Diamond Net courses will become part of our online library.

Options for study in time-limited groups in addition to the above or on their own:

  • Books Study groups online: To see a full description and current list: TBA
  • Book Study groups in person in various areas in the world: To see a full description and current list: TBA
  • Inquiry groups online or in person opportunities: TBA


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