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Friends of Ridhwan End of Year Appeal 2020

Friends of Ridhwan End of Year Appeal 2020

Our fundraising this year occurs in a clearly challenging context: crises arising from the pandemic, natural disasters, social unrest, and political conflicts. As students of the Diamond Approach, we have the blessing of being engaged in a path that provides the essential guidance and essential support that help us meet these difficult times.

Support for the continuation of our personal work has also been provided this year by a variety of members of our school community and staff, who:

  • Moved all teaching online so it remained available
  • Offered free daily school-wide meditations
  • Generated community-building initiatives such as the Student Body Committee, Community Conversations with Hameed, and the Spirituality in a Fractured World program

In one response, below, Jutta Ittner from Diamond Heart Retreat Group 2 explains how one of these initiatives, the daily meditations, has helped her during these chaotic times.



Your generosity thus far, clearly, has done a lot!

As an organization supported by its members, the financial needs of your school remain even amidst the many other crises and needs. While we each experience and are affected by events in different ways, our practices and the Diamond Approach teachings unite and support us to hold a heart open to the world.  

We ask you to be as generous as is possible for you. Your gift, of whatever amount, will strengthen our school, the teaching and our community. 

Click here to make a donation.

Learn more about the Friends of Ridhwan and its mission to respond to the growth of the Ridhwan School and interest in the Diamond Approach teaching wherever it arises. 

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