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Love Unveiled

Love Unveiled

Love is a universal energy--and a primary force that powers our movement toward spiritual illumination. All the ways we need love are simply reflections of our need for spiritual growth. In Discovering the Essence of the Awakened Heart , A. H. Almaas explores three dimensions of love: appreciative love--the true liking of somebody or something; merging or connecting love--a force that melts away separateness; and passionate, ecstatic love--capable of consuming us from inside. In their own way, each reveals the beauty and exquisiteness of our spiritual heart, which is the heart of the divine.

However, the path of spiritual love is not without challenges. Almaas explores the barriers that tend to block our experience of loving awakening and provides experiential exercises throughout the book to help readers along their path. The exercises focus on the obstacles or misunderstandings that commonly arise for each quality or dimension of love. Presented in the form of writing or monologuing prompts, readers can work independently or in small groups to confront the emotional obstacles on their spiritual path. Regardless of where you are on your path, Discovering the Essence of the Awakened Heart will help you explore love in three essential dimensions and gain a deeper connection to yourself.

"An excellent roadmap for bringing you to inner love . . . spiritual love." —from the foreword by Ram Dass

"This very accessible and absorbing book offers us deep insights into love and why we do it. Almaas shows us exactly how love is the magnetic force between the ego world and our mysterious inner world. His words draw for us, and from us, a vivid portrait of soul-making." —David Richo, author of How to Be an Adult in Relationships

"It is indeed a marvel to watch Hameed’s luminous heart continuing to unfold. Love Unveiled is by far his simplest, most joyful, playful, innocent, and transparent work to date, radiating all those qualities of mature love that he so richly describes here." —Cynthia Bourgeault, author of Love is Stronger Than DeathThe Heart of Centering Prayer, and The Meaning of Mary Magdalene

This is NOT Just 'Another' Book on Love

Amazon returns over 100,000 titles when you search for a book on love. There are many good and great books on love, but Love Unveiled is not just another book on love.

Love Unveiled is Unique

Love Unveiled goes beyond the surface of love, beyond the thoughts about love, beyond the sentimentality of love, beyond the emotional manifestaions of love... beyond the vague concepts into the very questions of:

  • What is love experientialy?
  • How do our issues and barriers around love and relationship form?
  • What would your life be like if love was unveiled?

Love Unveiled goes into the phenomenology of love, describing the experience in terms of color, taste, feel, scent, sensation and so on.  Love is a treasure, rich with many flavors of love, each with its own phenomenology and issues. Love Unveiled explores and reveals the secrets of three types of love central to living a rich and fulfilling life: personal lovemerging love and passionate love.

Love Unveiled is the first in a 3-volume series on Love. The other two books will explore Divine Love and The Beloved.

The video below will give you a taste of the depth and terrain for discovering the essence of the awakened heart.



Part One — Pink

Ch1    The Soul’s Love Affair

Ch2    The Impact of Not Feeling Loved

Ch3    The Babylike Sweetness of Love

Ch4    Love Embodied

Ch5    Love Fuels the Unfoldment

Ch6    Self-Love

Ch7    Personal Love and Object Love


Part Two — Merging Gold

Ch8    The Longing for Union

Ch9    Dual Unity and the Desire for Merging

Ch10  Merging Gold Essence


Part Three — Pomegranate

Ch11  Passionate Love

Ch12  Barriers to Passionate Love

Ch13  The Magnetic Pull to Inner Union

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