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Nondual Love Awakening to the Loving Nature of Reality

Nondual Love Awakening to the Loving Nature of Reality

Love is a transformative aspect of the spiritual path—and, in fact, it is our very nature. A. H. Almaas takes us on a journey beyond a narrow, individual understanding of love to an exploration of what he calls the boundless dimension of Divine Love. This is not the kind of love that we feel toward somebody else; it is nondual, a love without boundaries. Or put another way, it is universal true nature experienced as love.


hameed hu1.jpg  A. H. Almaas

"In this book, we’re going to explore what I call the boundless dimensions. They can also be called the formless dimensions or the dimensions of omnipresence. What this means is that we’re going beyond the dimension of working with the individual soul. By individual soul I mean our individual consciousness—that which forms our subjectivity and is the carrier and site of all of our experiences and perceptions.  It is consciousness located in space and time. To go beyond the individual soul requires some fundamental shifts in perception, and it’s worth saying from the outset that the teaching on this can be difficult to grasp at first. Human language evolved to express the viewpoint of human beings as individuals, and using that language to describe a completely different perception of reality has its limitations."


ram dass.png

Foreword by Ram Dass 

"The soul is love, wisdom, compassion, peace, and joy. I drop inward to move from the mind down into the spiritual heart. The spiritual heart is the doorway to the next plane of consciousness . . . 'soul land.' May this book offer a blessing to you as you make that journey—from the mind into the soul . . . The journey home."  


By shifting our focus beyond our individual human experience to the experience of the whole of existence, we are able to see the true richness of the universe. All of reality takes on a quality of inner light, of softness and ease, of sweetness and holding. When we are open to the dimension of nondual love, we can relax and trust our inner ground that is also the ground of everything: our true nature, free from limitations—a sense of complete release, freedom, and delight, that is free of conflict, fear, insecurity, and worry. Almaas discusses the obstacles that make it difficult to awaken to true nature in this form, such as our belief in a separate self and our past conditioning. Each chapter includes an inquiry or practice, such as explorations of attachments and worldly desires as well as inquiries into union, surrender, and grace.


If the experiences and understandings of Love unveiled in this book become widely appreciated, we and the world will be transformed. For we will understand that our Hollywood produced image of love as a transient personal passion is but the merest ripple atop a boundless ocean of Love-Delight that is the very Heart of Reality. To recognize this Love is to recognize our Self and All as Love, and thereby to fulfill our deepest longing.

- Roger Walsh, MD, PhD, professor of Psychiatry, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, University of California, author of Essential Spirituality: The Seven Central Practices

"Almaas is someone who I consider—and this is a big phrase to use, and it’s not a phrase that I use often—a true spiritual genius." 

—Tami Simon, Founder, Sounds True

“Rewarding. . . . Readers will find Almaas’s meditations useful.”

—Publishers Weekly

Nondual Love is not like most books addressing spiritual realization. A. H. Almaas brings his love and skills for inquiry and precision to his experience and realization of Divine/Nondual Love also known as Universal Love, Cosmic Love and Christ Consciousness. Almaas articulates in detail his realization of Nondual Love sharing with the reader intimate details from his personal journal as his realization arose and was then integrated and embodied into his “life in the world.” While others may stop with an exposition on the phenomenology of the realization of Divine Love and its implications for transcendence and profound change in an individual’s orientation to one’s life and the world, Almaas takes the reader deeper into the psychological barriers and challenges associated with actualizing the realization in one’s personal life. 

—John Harper, Diamond Approach Teacher

Table of Contents

Chapter 1              A New Dimension
Chapter 2              The Dimming of the Light
Chapter 3              The Whole Story
Chapter 4              The Body of Light
Chapter 5              Complete Release
Chapter 6              Jabba the Hutt
Chapter 7              The Real World
Chapter 8              The Personal God
Chapter 9              The Son of God
Chapter 10            Surrender
Chapter 11            The Gift of Grace


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