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Pearl Questionnaire: Ashley Wain

Pearl Questionnaire: Ashley Wain

In this video Ashley Wain shares how he came to the Diamond Approach and what keeps him in the work.


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Ashley Wain is a Diamond Approach Teacher living in Melbourne, Australia. A student of the Ridhwan School since 1998, he completed the seven-year teacher training program and was ordained in 2016. Originally an actor, he trained at the Victorian College of the Arts under David Latham, and with Leonid Verzub, a long-time student and colleague of Maria Knebel. He acted in the theatre for a decade, performing many roles for the Hole in the Wall Theatre Company in Perth, Western Australia. As an acting teacher and director he has worked in Australia and the United States. Ashley is also a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator. He trained with Stanislav Grof and Tav Sparks from 1996-1999, and worked for Grof Transpersonal Training from 2001-2010. His PhD thesis, Acting and Essence, used the Diamond Approach and Transpersonal Psychology to illuminate essential experience in acting. Ashley currently teaches Drama at Trinity College, The University of Melbourne, and teaches for Diamond Approach Australia. He will co-teach a retreat on compassion in Sydney, Australia, June 22-24, 2018.

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