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Pearl Questionnaire: Eugene Cash

Pearl Questionnaire: Eugene Cash

How did you find the Diamond Approach?

Two people recommended the Diamond Approach. My supervisor, when I trained as a psychotherapist, said that Hameed Ali (the founder of the Diamond Approach) had a deep understanding of human psychology, and my friend, Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield, highly recommended it.

When you first started, what was your greatest challenge?

Finding a group! Nothing was open at that time so I began working individually with a teacher who suggested I could start a group. So, I collected a group of 30 psychotherapists who were interested in the Diamond Approach and I asked Alia Johnson, who hadn’t been a lead teacher before, to lead us. She said yes, and then we began a group in Berkeley.

What has kept you engaged in the Diamond Approach teachings?

The Diamond Approach, the teachings, and the practice make sense. They keep bringing me closer to the truth, myself, reality. Discovering reality is what interests me. 

What aspect of the teaching is most alive in you right now?

Simplicity! Just this, just here, just now. This (my, our) direct immediate experience is the doorway to the truth, to every dimension of reality.

What has been the most surprising discovery for you? 

How much I love people. How beautiful and magical human beings are.

What advice/encouragement would you offer to someone ‘on the fence’ about attending an Intro event? 

Check it out! What have you got to lose? Life is short; don’t wait.  Something very good is happening here and it’s available to all of us.

If you could have one wish for humankind, what would it be?

I wish we could all wake up together. We’re here together; let’s discover our potential as human beings together.

Eugene Cash became a student of the Diamond Approach in 1989 and began teaching in 2001. He founded Diamond Approach San Francisco in 2004 and Diamond Approach Los Angeles in 2010. Eugene has taught Diamond Heart 8 for the past nine years. He is a member of the Ridhwan Diversity and Inclusivity Committee. Eugene is also a Buddhist teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and teaches intensive meditation retreats internationally. He founded and has led San Francisco Insight for 25 years. With fellow Diamond Approach teacher Sandra Maitri, he will lead a six-day, silent meditation retreat for Diamond Approach students and their partners September 7-12, 2018 at Guest House Retreat and Conference Center in Chester, CT, USA.



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