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What would you like your potential students to know about you as a teacher of the Diamond Approach?: 


All of you is welcome on this journey. All of you is invited -- places of shame, longing, cynicism, confusion, hatred, numbness. And all that’s not yet known. 

Each person’s context is the source material for inquiry, and for our practice of being real. Our personal conditioning, painful and limiting as it often is, provides the substance for our development. And each bit of grit -- our negativity, struggles, doubt -- will transform, in time, when approached with love of the truth. We become what we are: joy, clarity, compassion, strength, peace, and more.

I offer my students my warmth, keen curiosity, and guidance for them to develop their own intimacy with their Nature. My own path has not been an easy one, and along the way deep trust has developed. The loving support that arises in the sacred relationship with a teacher is available for each soul to relax into.

Also, inquiry is lots of fun! It's an adventure into the unknown, full of surprises.


About meI have been a Diamond Approach student since 1998, and a teacher since 2018. My background includes Zen practice; creative writing; Focusing; and expressive movement (particularly through the Discipline of Authentic Movement). My career was in communications for institutions of higher education. 

At the present time I am most drawn to the question of living my realization, moment to moment in ordinary life. Washing dishes, working on the computer, driving, talking: when there is inner freedom, what arises to meet the moment?

I am especially captivated by the intelligence and mystery of the body. On the one hand, our history constrains breath, movement, and the range of experience, as old patterns reconfigure themselves. And as we open to our embodied presence, where spirit meets matter, myriad expressions unfurl -- each with its own beauty, meaning, and purpose.

What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 


The “everything bagel” quality of inquiry inspires my passion for the Work. Our inquiry practice is somatic. It is emotional. It is cognitive. It is psychological, spiritual, subtle, precise, personal, in-the-world and ineffable, intimate and spacious. 

The come-as-you-are nature of inquiry, as I experience it, brings deep holding and safety. It allows our voyaging souls total freedom and support….to push against, expand into, resist, test, and trust!

Inquiry is  a precision instrument which meets each individual exactly where she is. We use language not to distance, as commonly occurs, but to clarify and distill: to allow more to arise, and then more, and still more. More truth—more life—more reality.

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