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As early as I can remember, I understood that right under the surface of appearance, if I stopped to really perceive, really investigate, was a never-ending flow of new discoveries.  The magic and mystery of life, of Reality, was in me, outside of me, everywhere.  Parting the veils that tend to obscure this mystery, this magic of Being and Reality, became an orienting force in my life.  Despite many challenges and difficulties along the way, the inspiration to dive in continued.  Meditation, being in nature, plant medicines, martial arts and other body-centered practices have all, at times, been important doorways into this mystery.  In 2001, when I began working with my teacher and later joined a big group, the Diamond Approach became the path for me.  For me, this path is all-inclusive.  I feel nothing is excluded from it, and therefore nothing is excluded from my soul, nothing is excluded from my life.   The Diamond Approach emerges out of the mystery, and invites me to dive into it.  And what I discover is always new, surprising, magical and mysterious.   

I am here to support you to enter into your present-centered experience, gently transform the layers that veil this magic and mystery, and allow your soul to express its never-ending flow of new discoveries. Allowing the body, with its immediacy and wealth of sensations, to be an orienting force. Inviting the emotions, from the most tender to the most explosive, to reveal themselves and express their history. Focusing the mind, with its capacities for understanding and brilliance, to bring forth insights into the meaning of your soul.  Including whatever is present with lightness, tenderness, compassion; not rejecting or leaving anything out.  

What have I learned as a result of studying the Diamond Approach? 

* There is no single ultimate truth.  

* What you see is not all there is. 

* Who and what we are is indestructible.  

* There is no part of us that needs to be discarded, rejected, or changed.  

* Love is fundamental.  



Events with Jody

Sunday Evening Inquiry & Exploration

2024-04-21 19:00

Location:  Berkeley, CA, United States

Sunday Evening Inquiry & Exploration

2024-04-28 19:00

Location:  Berkeley, CA, United States

Sunday Evening Inquiry & Exploration

2024-05-05 19:00

Location:  Berkeley, CA, United States

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