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What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

I was drawn to the Diamond Approach because it brought together my interest in psychology and spiritual practice. I was also at a place in my life where I felt a strong desire for an experiential path I could immerse myself in. I was looking for a path that would engage me, challenge me, and support me in working through whatever was in the way of realizing my deeper nature. I liked the large group, small group, and private session format because it kept my spiritual practice front and center in my life. From the beginning I found that the Diamond Approach teachings really resonated with me. I loved how the teachings and exercises not only brought up the issues and obstacles in the way of the aspect or dimension of reality being presented, but also made it possible to have a direct experience of the aspect or dimension being taught. And once I had learned the method of inquiry used in the Diamond Approach, I fell in love with it. I felt like it was the tool I most needed in life to work with whatever was happening in my experience. With practice I learned to trust that if I could stay with my experience with openness and curiosity, my experience would eventually reveal the deeper truth within it.

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