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Introductory Description: 

Frank Adel is a Diamond Heart teacher and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner with offices in San Rafael, and San Francisco CA. He lives in Marin County.

Frank has been able to transform his own difficult and traumatic childhood through the refined teachings from his own spiritual path of 40 years. Meeting this in others has been one of his greatest dedications to his students and those he serves. Frank’s flame for spiritual truth was ignited at an early 19 years of age. It also burned bright for his love of music. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Music and was a professional singer and musician and performed with many bands, some very well known that toured worldwide. The experiences he had as a singer carry over to his role as a Diamond Heart Teacher through a similar open hearted, grounded presence that creates a safe and intimate field with students. The flame also fed his fighting spirit. Frank was a Martial Arts Black Belt National Champion. He began his training at age 13 and practiced for 10 years.  His spiritual hunger led him to many paths including to Barstow CA, where he lived with Byron Katie, and helped her get "The Work" up and running. Byron Katie’s work was immersed in her particular style of inquiry. He desired deeper and more in-depth inquiry and realization, which then brought him to the Diamond Approach, his home since 1998. Before that Frank also participated in and supported  several other encounter groups, one being the Mankind Project, where he staffed the New Warrior Training Adventures. His work there was to help empower men to missions in service to help make differences in the world and in other’s lives.

Frank’s work with his Diamond Approach students is a culmination his 40 years of spiritual practice. He brings presence, depth, humor, fierce determination and commitment to the truth, to help students navigate the intricate and sometimes challenging practices of the Diamond Approach map, meeting each student wherever they are, and inviting the truth as their most prolific and meaningful compass.

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