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Born, raised and educated in NYC. Second oldest in a family of four kids. Majored in chemistry and worked as a research assistant in various universities as I moved with my husband on his pursuit in completing his medical training. Eventually settled in Denver and while raising my son Zach there became interested and involved in early childhood education and psychology. During this time as well came into contact with and became a student of different spiritual traditions and practices including Science of Mind, Course In Miracles, Ramana Maharshi, Iyengar Yoga and eventually in 1998 with the Diamond Approach. Recently have become a beginner student in the practice of Tai Chi and Jin Shin Jyutsu.
What have you learned as a result of studying the Diamond Approach?: 

My curiosity about who is this person that I was relating to as Hameed is one way I began the inquiry into a more fundamental, multi faceted and dimensional exploration, revealing the more intimate and relevant question of "Who am I?" and "What am I" and beyond. Unknowingly this thread has been unraveling perhaps since my birth and has been unwittingly catapulted and catalyzed this unfoldment no doubt by the unrelenting, runaway nature of the soul’s movement toward what is real and the truth of her being revealed through life happenings and challenges, that essence is optimally expressed as an individual soul through living as being and as a personal, conscious, open and open ended, curious, engaged, and embodied consciousness. Oh and the joy and freedom of the soul to wander, to traverse, to explore, and to discover, to make contact and be with the familiar, conditioned impressions in her soul, well grooved from life experiences, both inner and outer and to appreciate how they patterned and determined her sense of self and view of reality and too to be free to realize and orient with the true nature and identity of her soul as transparent, malleable, impressionable, transformative, evolving, mysterious, boundless, indeterminate, effusive, rich, fertile, precious, as the pearl beyond price and on and on…and then too to be swept away once again, perhaps ceaselessly, toward yet another edge of not knowing, arriving unexpectedly at a goalless state, an unimagined condition of being, interfacing and interpenetrating with and through what reality reveals and absorbs in an instant, all the while in attunement, precisely and lovingly with one’s individual embodiment as a human being at a particular point in time and space.

The nature of the work and the practices and teachings of the Diamond Approach has the potential to reveal the opening, the worm hole to the paradigm in which realization can occur: to know directly one’s soul, one’s living and being, one’s potential in a presence, a field that is free, dynamic, loving, trusting, adventuresome, intelligent, exhilarating, grounded, and embodied while unilocally is profoundly and essentially transformative, dimensionless, mysterious, indeterminate, and unknowable. The access, the entry point to discovering and living dynamically from the truth of reality is realized in simply in being, being in the present moment, intimately and immediately with and in whatever is happening in one’s experiencing right now. By exploring and being with the content of one’s experience directly, with openness and curiosity, the spiritual reality is essentially found to be underneath.

To see and appreciate all the interferences, all the barriers and obscurations to this direct contact with one’s experiencing is an enormous contribution to the soul’s inherent nature to know herself, to understand what is real, to live as the depth, as a fully actualized, loving, evolving, and purposeful human being. Recognizing and being open to the support and qualities of our true nature are essential in the process of our journey toward self-awareness, understanding and realization. In the Diamond Approach essential aspects, qualities of presence, various dimensions and vehicles of reality arise in response to what is precisely and uniquely needed in the process of the soul as she unwinds, recognizes through, in, and as presence who and what she is. This approach includes, invites, recognizes, and embraces the significance of the personal and uniqueness of each particular soul: her history, her tendencies, preferences, beliefs, attachments, fears, resistances, issues, joys and suffering, loves and hates, her body centered condition, sensations, dynamics, the relationship of her physiology, psychology and spirituality to her unique process and to the totality of her unfoldment.

What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

Private sessions, small group and large group teachings and practices together support and facilitate both the individual student in her process as well as the whole group field toward their learning, development and actualization in the school environment as well as in ones everyday life and living.
In my personal experiencing, private, one on one sessions have and continue to be a major contribution to the dynamism of my personal process and development and have consistently been optimizing in freeing the flow of my process. Breathe work and bodywork, techniques used during private work, in particularly, have been pivotal in identifying predominantly unconscious and often instinctually defended armoring in the body configuration and patterns. Used as a vehicle for inquiry, the inclusion of body awareness and direct experiencing, serve as another set of lenses through which understanding and insight can occur in specifically identifying what may be blocking the flow of an inquiry and the natural unfoldment of the consciousness in any particular moment.

The Diamond Approach, as one facet of its potential, presents as a vehicle of true nature in which the totality, the field that includes the teachers and the participation, contribution and dedication of each member, has the function to offer, present, transmit and receive the wisdom of the teachings and practices. At the heart of the work is essence as love. It is a dynamic path that engages and celebrates each of us as unique individual consciousnesses, where each of us are in any moment, who and what is our true nature and truly what is possible to realize and become true human beings. This is a living teaching in that what is understanding and realization is in its nature to evolve optimally and has the possibility of being the practice and becoming the true application and embodiment in every day living, in our ordinary comings and goings, in our homes, in our communities, in this world, in the beyond in ways that are simple, direct and authentic yet effusively revealing, fulfilling, gracious, and mysterious.

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