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Linda has been involved with the teaching since it began in 1975, and a teacher since 1983. As both a Ridhwan teacher and Aston-Patterning teacher she has been exploring and teaching about the spiritual nature of the body. She developed a movement practice based on the Diamond Approach called the 'Five Movements' to support students in engaging their bodies in inquiry, and in embodying their realization.
What is most important for people to understand about the Diamond Approach?: 

One of the most precious things about this path for me is that it welcomes all of our experience as an entrance to the depth of who we are. Liberation does not require throwing any part of ourself away, but accepting and understanding all aspects of who we are. The elegance, beauty, and wisdom of this approach invites all of our mind, heart, and body into the process of exploration and transformation. A radical compassion and friendliness toward ourselves is found here, along with a brilliant body of knowledge of the human soul and its depth. The inclusiveness of the view, and the wisdom of the method gives us tools for discovery, keys that can open the most simple and ordinary parts of ourself as well as realms of reality beyond our imagination.

Being part of a community of people dedicated to discovering the truth is a blessing that is found here. We learn together, are supported by each other's learning, and at the same time the uniqueness and aloneness of each individual's process--its trajectory and timing is respected and honored.

The work is at times difficult, painful, terrifying, and humbling as we see through old beliefs and ideas about ourselves and reality. It is also exciting, fascinating, fun, surprising, deeply satisfying, blissful, and a 'homecoming' to who we are.

The teaching helps us develop the qualities and capacities that are needed for this bold journey, the same qualities of our nature that enrich our lives.

It is a remarkably complete and complex teaching that has developed over 40 years. At the same time, part of what makes it so unique and compelling for me is that the teaching is still developing--discovering and articulating new realms of consciousness, extending our human potential is happening before our very eyes. Revelation is alive, and ongoing. It is a rare blessing that the founders of the work are still with us and still teaching--what an amazing opportunity at this time in history.

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