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What would you like your potential students to know about you as a teacher of the Diamond Approach?: 

I never expected, at the age of 20 after winning a National Ski Championship, the Diamond Approach and its tenets would be the compass for my heart. It was more than three decades ago when that pivotal moment occurred, as I recognized the patterns I took on from my family conditioning, would not change unless I wanted to grow and discover my personal truth, and a deeper objective truth. While continuing a career in sales/marketing in the outdoor industry I became ordained as a Diamond Approach teacher in 1995. I have, like a good cup of tea, been steeped in the teaching of the Diamond Approach. This has developed a capacity for me to be present and open in all aspects of my life; whether back country skiing in the Colorado mountains, winning awards as a sales professional/entrepreneur, or guiding my students with a steadfast and loving hand as they discover their own yruth.

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