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What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

I met Hameed (A. H. Almaas) in the fall of 1975 in Boulder, CO. As I had been searching for greater realization as freedom from what I called the 'self'. I was drawn to what Hameed was elucidating at that time about returning to our True Nature. I started working with him in spring of 1976. My interest was in understanding myself and others, and recognizing the fundamental nature of what we truly are. Through understanding specific knowledge of the self, I was able to recognize the self as a map that revealed its underlying True Nature. At that time, the continuous unfolding and evolving of what became the Diamond Approach Teaching, spoke to me in an intimate, personal way. That journey has continued over the years as a transformative process. There was and is a strong pull or force within to know more about this mystical knowledge that has become known as the Diamond Approach to inner realization. That which had been concealed within this consciousness or self, has become a continuous revelation and transformation of the self as limitless expressions of True Nature within the totality of Being.

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