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What attracted you to the Diamond Approach?: 

I was in my thirties and felt a deep missing of a certain spark of authenticity and truth. I had sufficient ordinary accomplishments for my age and time, but felt lost and disconnected nevertheless and seemed to be wandering aimlessly. I met Hameed prior to the unfoldment of the Diamond Approach as an explicit path. Slowly, I began to feel a purposefulness, authenticity, faithfulness, and truth. But more than this, an inner arrow became illuminated that was pointing me to a mysterious unknown depth. I began questioning and inquiring without needing answers. An intense curiosity and fascination became fueled and reignited. I remembered these qualities as a very young child. This fascination and curiosity of heart inseparable from this illuminating inner arrow has guided me along the path. It continues to point and align this individual consciousness after these many years. It never fails.

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