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In my early life, farming, running for miles through the countryside, and being immersed in the wilderness, opened me to the presence of something magnificent— an intelligence, a beauty, and a dynamism and aliveness that I attributed to a creative force outside of myself.  Yet I was also in touch with an inner wilderness that no one spoke about—a mysterious, potent, and vibrant awareness that arose in unpredictable moments again and again.  The natural world had a slowing down effect on my mind and body.  It was a space where my heart and soul opened directly into the vivid beauty of the present moment.  I found that certain books and musical pieces were also portals into this deep and true space.  These powerful and illuminating moments were guiding me to a simpler, yet richer, more authentic way of living and being.  They birthed questions that burned inside me for years – what is happening? what is this?  And I discovered, through the practices of the Diamond Approach Path, the mysterious medium infusing all these experiences.  I learned that the limitless treasures of our nature are revealed through living as presence.

Yet discovery is only the beginning.  After feeling this deep connectedness and aliveness, the experiences would inevitably fade, and I would fall into a familiar state of disappointment and despair, disconnected from myself and others, and separated from what I loved most.  The Diamond Approach Path taught me that such moments, when fully embraced and honored, when held with respect, tenderness, and love, would transmute and reconnect me with what I sensed was missing. I came to understand that by sincerely welcoming the gnarly parts of ourselves that we would rather avoid, and the repeated frustrations of our life experiences, we come to know and trust ourselves more deeply, and are ushered into the truth of our essence as joy, love, compassion, strength, power, contentment.  And much more. 

You are taking the journey of continual growth and discovery into living a real human life.  It includes opening your heart to both your suffering and the vast and endless riches of your humanity.  You will understand the way your life history conceals a deeper reality of who you are. This work takes time, takes a commitment and love of the truth, and is what our community is all about.  I am available to accompany you with deep respect, care, and compassion. You will learn to open to the wisdom that comes through your body sensations, through the in-touchness of your heart, and the insights that arise as you rediscover yourself in your private session.  There is nothing you need believe in to follow this path.  The path is simply sensing, looking, and listening into the precise moment you are now living.  Your direct experience will be the compass that will reveal and guide you.  If you find yourself curious about the Diamond Approach, I invite you to sense in yourself what is touched. Already, you’re on your way.

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