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After having studied medicine, I was first working as a general practitioner and now for more than 20 years I am working as psychotherapist. I was involved in different spiritual paths. But I never felt that my soul was really impacted. In 2005 I met Hameed and Karen in a seminar in Kopenhagen. My heart was deeply touched and it was obvious for me to become a student of the Diamond Approach. I felt myself seen in my own individual process. Living my daily life, the Diamond Approach became for me an open, touching, endless process, revealing more and more my inner truth and the mystery of life.


As a Diamond Approach teacher for me it is important to see that the journey of each soul is an individual and unique process. Inquiring into the present moment, which includes also the perception of our body sensations, the soul can open up and we get more in contact with our essence beyond our ego structures and traumas. The personal accompaniment of each student in an immediate and unique contact is an expression of my heart. I feel gratefulness and joy accompanying other people in their discovery of their potential and capacities in living an ordinary human life.

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