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Introductory Description: 

I love this work. The freedom to do our own inquiry. The gift of the rich map which gives us some clues of where we are, that can help us. But no special goal to work towards. Just trusting our presence and inner guidance. More and more settling in presence and inner guidance. And see the intelligence and preciousness of our unfolding. The light of Essence opening up in our blockages, believes, painful experiences. The wonder of that. Presence, inquiry and this light helped me be with and digest the pain of a big loss in my life, and really live again. The wonder of being who we really are and living a full embodied life in the world, where pain and delight, loss and love, ego and essence are both soil for the growing maturity of our soul.

Books and/or articles I’ve written: 

Dirk Oegema en Conny ten Klooster. In het ongerijmde, Phoenixopleidingen, Utrecht, 2014. (English translation: Into the Blue. 2015)

De kracht in onze schaduw, interview met Conny ten Klooster. In: Vuurvogel,  2016, nr. 25, Phoenixopleidingen, Utrecht.

Conny ten Klooster, 'Holding forever', De functionele symbiose en haar diepe impact. In: Vuurvogel, 2004, nr.1, Phoenixopleidingen, Utrecht.

Conny ten Klooster, Verloren in verlangen, spirituele crisis en begeleiding. In: Gestalten. Multi-di-mens, 1995

Conny ten Klooster (red.) e.a. Over luisteren gesproken, gespreksvaardigheden in theorie en praktijk. Koog a/d Zaan, 1990.

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